Sally by the Sea

Sally enjoying the sea breeze

My favorite time to visit the beach is in the fall, when the weather is still pretty nice and the summertime crowds are gone. Water wings, folding chairs and suntan lotion are out; quiet fishermen, the odd jogger or dog walker is in! This is Sally’s favorite time also, she thinks it’s always best when the shore birds outnumber the sunbathers. Another benefit of a crisp fall day at the beach is the constant breeze, with Sally’s ears at full sail.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and across the sea!

North Carolina's Crystal Coast

Roberto of Cozumel

On a recent trip to Cozumel, we visited one of those really great but out-of-the-way beach restaurants with incredible fresh fish. At one point the resident pup Roberto showed up and the staff buried him in the cool sand up to his neck. Although there was a lot of laughing and giggling going on, this seemed to be Roberto’s thing and he loved it. Eventually a friend arrived but Roberto was able to emerge from his resting spot and get things sorted out, but not before all of the customers got dinner AND a show.