Sally by the Sea

Sally enjoying the sea breeze

My favorite time to visit the beach is in the fall, when the weather is still pretty nice and the summertime crowds are gone. Water wings, folding chairs and suntan lotion are out; quiet fishermen, the odd jogger or dog walker is in! This is Sally’s favorite time also, she thinks it’s always best when the shore birds outnumber the sunbathers. Another benefit of a crisp fall day at the beach is the constant breeze, with Sally’s ears at full sail.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and across the sea!

North Carolina's Crystal Coast

8 thoughts on “Sally by the Sea

  1. I lived in Norfolk, Va for a little while and I loved going to the beach with my dogs during the fall season so I do agree with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and beautiful pictures:)

  2. I always look forward to off-peak season at the beaches in the US cos dogs can finally roam freely! We were always trying to find dog friendly beaches in the summer but never really got to one.. Happy thanksgiving!

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