Typographic Tuesday : Francesco Marciuliano

Sally at the beach


Ponder poem


From the upcoming book I Could Chew on This (and Other Poems by Dogs), by Francesco Marciuliano.

4 thoughts on “Typographic Tuesday : Francesco Marciuliano

  1. :D so funny, because when we had Romppu he would always stop for a moment before we went down the stairs of our apartment building to take him out. he would look out the big window, and just stare at the view across our street (there’s mainly trees and bushes there), and we always wondered what he was thinking when he did that. now i’m pretty sure i’ve found the answer, because Romppu indeed loved to eat (it was always the highlight of the day for him)… though we of course gave him different foods every now and then, LOL.

    • Haha! I love the stories about Romppu. Somehow I feel like I knew him. That was the first post I read of yours, and I knew then you could get into the mind of a dog.

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