Can Anyone Offer Caesar a New Home?

I wanted to share this post on my blog because when I read about it yesterday and saw the picture, it really got me. I realize there are so many dogs everywhere that need homes, but this poor guy’s two sisters were adopted and taken away so now he’s there without them. Just too heartbreaking to ignore, leaving him there in Athens in a shelter. If there’s anyone in the UK that’s interested, there’s a group that will cover transportation costs from Greece. And what’s better than having your very own Caesar from Athens!

Click here to see the original post that I saw, with Caesar shown at the end.

on the road with Animalcouriers

We were very sad to leave Caesar behind at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens.

Conrad from the UK-based Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group that supports them says that if anyone in the UK is interested in adopting him, the transport costs will be covered.

Please email Kiki at if you can offer Caesar a permanent home.

The lovely people taking care of him at the shelter say: “Caesar is a shy boy, but he really loves dogs and loves to play with them. 2.5 years with a chain is a very very long period.”

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