Dogs Teach Us Things

My dog Henry

Barnaby was like a mood, a fragrance of the harmonious inner life, permeating everything with which he came into contact. He knew sorrow and he knew joy, and he held them in a delicate balance of serenity and peace. He knew how to respond equally joyfully to an invitation to walk or talk or sit together, which seems to me to be a particular kind of training in grace—a willingness to respond easily and happily to even the most modest adventure together. Perhaps it could be said that within his framework of being a dog, he lived life as a spiritual exercise.  —from Mystical Dogs by Jean Houston

My yoga instructor read this to our class this week and it made me think about my dog Henry, shown above. We had to say our goodbyes one year ago this weekend, and so I thought it would be nice, a tribute of sorts, to share it here. I haven’t featured Henry on the blog like the others, because it’s been too hard. In fact, Henry’s BFF Nicholas also passed away last October, so that’s two missing from my Dog Bios. But I’ll save those posts for another day, and for now just try and honor the light that Henry shared with everyone he met. Like the excerpt says, “a willingness to respond easily and happily to even the most modest adventure together”, that was my Henry. Like all dogs, he was a champion of living in the moment, but with his own added zest.

I miss you, Captain Feathers.

15 thoughts on “Dogs Teach Us Things

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing and sending positive thoughts your way. May your sweet Henry rest in peace, and romp in giant fields full of adventures.

  2. he looked so sweet & humble, i’m sorry i hadn’t “known” him earlier when he was still around. hmm, but he could be having new adventures right now with his BFF Nicholas up there in the dog heaven (and maybe even with our beloved Romppu?). :)

    hold on to the nice thoughts, and i’m also sending you positive thoughts.

    • He was a sweet, soft-spoken kind of a dog but he definitely had his wild moments. I absolutely agree, he’s having lots of fun up there with Nicholas and of course little Romppu! Thank you so much for the kind words and understanding :-)

    • Whew, I know…it’s the worst part. I’m so thankful to the person who rescued him from the Philly shelter on the day he was supposed to be put to sleep. She’s an angel.

  3. Hi Erica – I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for sharing about Henry and Nicholas. I’m sure they’re in a better place, playing happily together and watching over you. I’m thinking of them and sending positive vibes your way.

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