Typographic Tuesday: For Gwen Huneck

Quote by Thomas Campbell

Today’s quote is by Thomas Campbell, but it is dedicated to Gwen Huneck who passed away unexpectedly on Sunday. Although I never met her in person, through email correspondence she was very kind and helpful to me when I requested information for a post I did about her late husband’s work and their beautiful Dog Mountain in Vermont. You can see that post here.

I learned of Gwen’s death on Facebook because I follow their gallery page. This is what was shared:

“It is with heavy hearts that we share with our Dog Mountain community that our dear leader and friend, Gwendolyn Ide Huneck has passed away. Gwen never got over the loss of Stephen and missed him terribly every day. As you all know, after Stephen’s death, she devoted her life to continuing his legacy as a great artist. She continued to manage the gallery and she kept active in community affairs. She vowed to help turn St. Johnsbury into one of the most dog-friendly places in Vermont. Gwen became a beacon for people who had lost loved ones and pets and we think she absorbed a lot of that emotion and she may have had difficulty in releasing it. 

Many of you knew her as Gwen, Gwendolyn, and Mrs. Stephen Huneck. To us, she was “Gwennie.” Emails sent to the Gallery may not get checked regularly, but please post your condolences on the new Memorial Facebook page for Gwennie. This is a great, great loss and she will be sorely missed. We love you so much Gwennie and we will do everything we can to keep Dog Mountain going.”

So I chose this quote in honor of Gwen, because with all of the comfort and love she shared through Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel she will always shine. And I added the iconic black lab with angel wings created by her husband Stephen, because well, I think it might just be the most perfect circumstance for its use. Rest in peace, Gwen.

Gwen and Stephen Huneck

Photo courtesy and copyright Stephen Huneck Gallery.

If you would like to support the future of the Huneck’s Dog Mountain by donation or purchasing some wonderful artwork or other items, visit the gallery site here.

7 thoughts on “Typographic Tuesday: For Gwen Huneck

  1. This is the second post I’ve read about this and both made me cry. I also never met Gwen, but I’ve been to Dog Mountain a couple of times and loved everything about it. This is painful to read about two very loving people.

    • It is so tragic, and I had seen many recent posts about the new dog Sally and the book tour going on just last month. I sincerely hope that Dog Mountain can continue to exist. I’ve never been there myself, but the comfort I found just in the Dog Chapel book I bought was incredible.

  2. I’ve gone to Camp Gone to the Dogs each year in Stowe. The first year that I went, I stopped in to the Huneck Gallery in Stowe and I was fortunate enough to meet Stephen. Last year, a group of us got to Stowe a little early to begin camp and made the short trip to Dog Mountain. I had always wanted to go. We were fortunate enough to meet her. She was so sweet to us and I remember thinking that anyone who would dedicate their lives to spreading the sweet and special messages that dogs have to give the world was a really special person. I feel fortunate that I was able to meet them both. Hopefully they are now together and at peace.

  3. Wonderful sentiment. Would love to see this as an available print with Monet to help keep Dog Mountain in existence

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