It’s World Spay Day

Doris Day and Doggie

You tell ’em, Doris!

Doris Day, that is. And she’s featured here because she, along with her Doris Day Animal Foundation, founded World Spay Day—and that’s today, folks! Always the last Tuesday in February, this day is meant to draw attention to pet overpopulation and encourage spaying worldwide. It comes at the end of February (and I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be held at the beginning instead) because all month long it’s been Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. All over the world there have been great free or low cost clinics available to get as many pets spayed as possible, and you’ve gotta love these names: Spay It Forward, Hunka Hunka Furry Love, Neuter Your Scooter… um, you get the idea. So if you know about a certain furry being that needs to be “tended to”, check out what’s going on in your area before the end of the month—or get the word out to others—and save some money at the same time.

Here are a few more photos of dear Doris, because well darn it, they just don’t make celebrities like they used to!

Doris Day with black doggie

Doris Day with dogs

You can find more information about World Spay Day, locate a spay event in your area, or enter the spay pageant on the official portal here. Various groups and clinics around the world have been uploading photos from different spay events, mobile services, etc. and it’s really great to see the reach.

Information on the Doris Day Animal Foundation here.

4 thoughts on “It’s World Spay Day

  1. That has made my day! We’ve always loved the idea of spay day/month but had no idea it originated with Doris. We knew she was heavily involved in animal welfare but will have to find out more. Whip crack away, Doris :D

  2. My favorite – Neuter your scooter!

    You know, there was no doubt I would get Eliza spayed as soon as possible the day I adopted her. I cried when I picked her up and she stumbled out of the crate – she was old enough but yet still so small! But she got over it within a day (unlike my previous dogs who got spayed when they were older), so when she was old enough was really the right time. I’m glad I did it early :)

    • There is a certain amount of guilt, I agree! I procrastinated about having my little cat Ponyo spayed, she was an unexpected new arrival last summer when she crept out of the woods at maybe 5 or 6 weeks old, anemic and tick-covered. A few weeks ago she had her first little display of being in heat, and as soon as I could get an appointment she was squared away!

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