Typographic Tuesday: Groucho Marx

Groucho plus quote

Originally with Typographic Tuesdays, I wasn’t going to actually write anything. But the problem is that I usually end up having something to say and today is no exception, so here goes…

The lovely dog atop the quote is aptly named Groucho. I first noticed his photo on the Best Friends Los Angeles Facebook page, because they had a very clever campaign timed with the Super Bowl titled “The Super Bull”. I think these folks do a fantastic job with their approach to not only finding homes for all sorts of dogs, but also with their efforts to show the public what great dogs the “Bull” breeds can be when given the chance to thrive. This campaign focused on their love of playing hard, giving it all they’ve got just like any given football hero. Here are some more photos of handsome Groucho, who by the way is still available for adoption! Besides getting an amazing dog, what a great conversation starter he would be! Sigh, I’m starstruck.

Best Friends LA dog Groucho

And here is the main image for their campaign, with some of the other dogs they featured, every single one of them a hero in so many ways.

BFLA's Super Bull Campaign

If you’d like more information on Groucho or any other dog, please do visit Best Friends of Los Angeles on their website here. Okay, I’m done talking :-)

7 thoughts on “Typographic Tuesday: Groucho Marx

    • Thanks for taking a look, Nick! And HUGE thanks for all you guys do there at BFLA. I really enjoy your Facebook posts, photos and innovation when it comes to connecting rescues with new families. I’m one of the thousands of “likes” you guys are always getting! At some point I’d love to talk with BFLA about an ongoing donation plan that is based on sales and profits of my products.

  1. Thank you for putting BFLA before your audience, creating so many more avenues for the animals to find their forever homes, and for giving people a real & truthful look at the Bully breeds! In case anyone is interested, Groucho’s friends are Sadie (black & white), Marty (brindle) & Hamlet (brown, white chest & homer simpson silly lips). There are sooo many more “characters” at the BFLA Center & your local shelter. Many thanks for your work!

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