Dogs of NYC Project


If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular dog breeds or dog names might be in New York, there’s a clever batch of interactive tools you can play with to find out. Part of National Public Radio’s WNYC website, this project is really fun to sniff around and just see what’s what.

There’s a map that will show you what the most common names are for females and males, and where they live is indicated by label size. And after a look at this, I’m thinking—sheesh—they’d better rename the place “New Yorkie”…

WNYC's Dogs of NYC Interactive Map

There are also lists of top ten names for females and males, but they don’t stop there. Lists of names have also been compiled for many different categories such as: actors, mythology, animals, foods, drinks, cartoons, etc. To the right of each name, the number of dogs with that same name is shown. And not only that—click on the name and you’ll get a breakdown by the various breeds with that same name. Neat-o.

Dogs of NYC Top Ten Food Names for Dogs

Besides factoids, there are also some games and you can even type in your dog’s name and breed to order a t-shirt with the results. I found out that my dog Chappie is even more unique than I thought: there’s not another one in all of New York City!

To visit WNYC’s Dogs of NYC website, click here. Illustrations by Louise Ma/WNYC

12 thoughts on “Dogs of NYC Project

  1. This is fun! I wonder why ‘Buddy’ or ‘Charlie’ didn’t make the boys list – I knew at least 5 of each! Also, I overheard someone who wanted to do a map of the breeds in the city as the breeds vary among the city dog runs.. in the East Village (young, hipsters, more popular celebs, students), there are more mixed breeds, mostly rescues.. in the West Village (SJP type moms, older has-been celebs, gay couple families, old money) I’ve come across more unique (expensive), even imported dog breeds in one day than I ever have in my whole life… the best thing about dogs is, they don’t know or care where they come from, (says Eliza my Westie, who hasn’t met another dog with the same name, yet.)

    • Hey thanks for the insider info, very helpful market research for my product line. Any info for London? I suppose that NY is kind of small dog central, whether mixed or pure breeds, is that what you would say? In Milan I’ve noticed in the parks a lot of these very unique breeds out for walks, not necessarily little dogs either. They are usually with “the help” or professional dog walkers. I imagine them belonging to Armani or Dolce & Gabbana…

      • Ok just from memory and experience, not hard data.. ;)

        I think NYC is definitely small dog central because of the types of apartments and their restrictions. Most apartments, if they do allow dogs, allow below 25lbs so the popular breeds for busy New Yorkers are frenchies, terriers of sorts and toy poodle mixes. A lot of ‘designer breed’ dogs as well. There are still quite a few large dogs around (I remember a lot of weimaraners, wheaten terriers, huskies, great danes, and of course pit bulls..) that also depend on the large community of dog walkers in the city. Dogs aren’t allowed off leash except in the dog runs or in large parks like Central and Prospect Park before 7am/9am and after dusk. That made me feel quite miserable because my Westie just wants to RUN.

        So when we moved to London, it was GREAT. People are more tolerant I feel because there aren’t as many dogs – London being so spread out makes it hard to own a dog, to go home in time to walk a dog, and dog walkers aren’t as readily available, I feel. Boarding kennels are also expensive. The variety of dog products are significantly less than NY/USA, and also more expensive when we do find nice ones.

        But as a result, almost 99% of parks I’ve been to in London allow dogs off leash – some only have areas required to be on leash because of swans.. special plants, children.. dogs are also allowed on the tube and buses without a bag/crate. (The crate was quite stressful to have and heavy to carry in NYC subways, but I can see that if everyone who had a dog was allowed on, it would be chaos.) I’ve also sat in pubs with Eliza, quite a lot of stores let us in, and most people pick up after their dogs so the reaction from the community is generally very tolerant about dogs.

        Dog breeds vary in London but not by areas like NY. There are fewer miniature dog breeds for sure, a lot more mixed breeds and rescues, actually a lot of breeds here I’ve hardly come across in the US. There are more farm/working dogs and medium sized dogs. When you get further out of London, there are more pet/feed shops specially for dogs and animals, but within the city, it’s hard to find even a proper dog bowl. I have to look online – for regular dog bowls! (and online shopping in the UK is no where near as good as the US). Oh well. You win some you lose some. I definitely enjoy my life as a dog owner here more.

        In Singapore, like Milan, I’ve never seen owners walk their dogs. Always their domestic helpers. I wonder what kind of dogs D&G might have..? Tanned dachshunds come to mind. :X I’m excited for your products to come to London! Let me know, I can share it on my blog too :)

  2. This is kind of a fun site! The little illustrations are sweet too. I’d really love to know who is naming their dog “Biscuit.” I don’t get it!

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