For Veterans Day


In honor of Veterans Day here in America, I wanted to share some information about a great group called American Dog Rescue. One of the projects this foundation is involved with is helping to airlift soldiers’ adopted dogs from Afghanistan to reunite them back here in the US. These were stray dogs that crossed paths with the troops while they were serving there and bonding with them, supplying them with love and support during the hardship of war and long separation from home. There’s a great short video from NBC Nightly News here, filmed about a year ago at JFK as a group of soldiers were reunited with their canine pals when they arrived for a new life in America. Get a kleenex!

American Dog Rescue supports many other great projects, and another veteran-related one is Paws4Vets which works to pair dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumas, also for veterans from many other countries. A big salute to American Dog Rescue, Paws4Vets and of course our wonderful veterans and the dogs that make each day brighter for them. We are forever in your debt.

If you’d like more information on American Dog Rescue and Paws4Vets, please click here.

Photo courtesy of American Dog Rescue

8 thoughts on “For Veterans Day

  1. The joy in the faces speaks volumes: the loveable lab, the female soldier and of course the ‘hugger’. Beautiful Erica, simply beautiful. Jen

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