I Like Varese


Okay, well I’ve only been here for a few hours, but I think I’ve seen more dogs here than anywhere else in Italy.


This one was being good hanging outside a cafe, but he really wanted to come inside. It’s difficult for me to capture the scale of this dog, he was enormous. If my dog George who is 92 pounds put on a fat suit, he still wouldn’t be as big.


Then these two characters seemed like long lost pals. Or siblings?



Everywhere I looked, there were more.





For each one I photographed, there were 5 or 6 more that I didn’t. They were inside shops and sharing appetizers in bars. Little ones, big ones, old ones and puppies. So here in Varese, dogs seem to be the thing. I like Varese.

16 thoughts on “I Like Varese

  1. That is what I love about European culture, they love their dogs and they are accepted anywhere. I wish Australia would adopt the same ideal. Too many rules and too many people thinking dogs are unclean and therefore not allowed in or near retail/food establishments.
    And yes, he is rather a large fellow, more so when compared with my Stanley . Jen :-)

  2. Everyone seems to be so happy and relaxed with time for their dogs to play with each other! I think I’d like Varese too. Haha I especially love big dogs – something that’s rare to spot here in Japan where most people don’t have enough space even for ourselves! Hope you’re having a great trip – can’t wait to hear more about it!

    • Thanks Jen, it’s been a good trip so far. I understand Japanese people often push their dogs around in strollers? I’m hoping to offer my Italian collars and leashes for sale there one day, fingers crossed :-)

      • Haha yes they do! It’s more common here than in the States – I’ve gotten used to it! The dogs here are very pampered. I didn’t know you made dog accessories – do you have an online store? I’m sure your collars and leashes would do great here!

      • That’s my reason for coming to Italy all the time, for Italian leather and manufacturing. Pretty nice business travel! There will be an online shop soon, http://www.pantofola-mia.com. I’d also like to get them into select stores, not pet boutiques though, more like Barneys or Neiman Marcus in the states. And somewhere in Japan! :-)

      • Oh how cute is that teaser site! Please update us when you launch – I’d be happy to write about it to support you! In Japan, we also have Barneys, but the other similar stores would be Estination and Isetan Department Store. I hope that would mean you would come on a business trip here to Tokyo too! :) Enjoy your travels!

      • Thanks Jen! That would be great and much appreciated. Yes, I definitely would be visiting Japan. My husband’s mother is from Japan and he hasn’t been in a while, so he’ll be coming also. I’ll look into those 2 stores you mentioned!

  3. So I gotta ask… Are city centers just running amok with Italian greyhounds?

    You know, I’m still kicking myself for NOT talking to the couple walking their Basenjis — spotted the very first day I was in Bologna! Language barriers and tourist shellshockedness and all that. You don’t seem to have that problem though. ;)

    • You know I don’t see many Italian Greyhounds, I thought I would. Usually it seems that dog people are pretty approachable, kind of goes over and above language barriers because all the humans standing around are wearing goofy smiles! I know I am :-)

    • It is nice to be here, meeting lots of nice people and dogs of course! And you’ll be happy to know I had Varese’s best gelato today! :-) I chose cinnamon and good ol’ pistachio!

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